Our work

New Horizon Technologies (NHT) develops and implements complex AI models in order to energize human tasks among the different fields in which it is applied. It has taken its first step in the financial sector and is currently working in some other sectors, including health, tourism and public economy. 

Why do we do it?

New Horizon Technologies was born to meet an existing need in the market and the management of different sectors. New Horizon Technologies bases all its decisions on Artificial Intelligence, and by shaping the future of smart technologies we can position ourselves in the business world.

We want to be an inspiration, lead a new movement, a new system and a new way to do things, by applying AI to all management processes in many different areas. To do that, we have developed a technology called Ultramarine, which is based on third-generation Artificial Intelligence. The evolving development of Artificial Intelligence opens up new opportunities to be applied in  complex tasks.

We are currently working on future applications for different sectors, such as health, tourism or budget management for companies or even the State, in order to let them be as efficient as possible.

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