Our work


Ultramarine is the innovative quantitative management technology from New Horizon Technologies. It develops strategies based on Artificial Intelligence using an algorithmic base that identifies and exploits inefficiencies-opportunities in the market and automates market entry and exit, as well as the value of each transaction.

What is Ultramarine's goal?

The objective of Ultramarine is to develop strategies in different scenarios through projections, and to be able to learn through machine learning and deep learning techniques from each operation to reduce risk.

How does Ultramarine work?

Ultramarine never makes a mistake twice. It constantly reads, learns, analyzes, combines, predicts and calculates every day of the year at all times. It allows, you to recognize patterns and create archetypes that help to reduce risk exposure and improve performance.

Ultramarine does not depend on human feelings or emotions. It is a reiterative system, completely secure and with privileged access to the world’s largest computing capacity, thanks to our agreements with Amazon Web Services.

“Ultramarine is constantly evaluating the success of the investment strategies and limits the maximum daily loss to 0.8%. In practice, Ultramarine does not execute any strategy if its probability of success does not reach a minimum of 87.5%”.

What results has Ultramarine achieved?

Ultramarine has been used as a technology for running investment managed accounts on the foreign exchange market since 2014. The empirical proof is our track record, with an average 6-year return of 49.5% and a maximum risk under 0, 8% per day.

“In 2018-2019, as well as in 2020 so far, the average of positive months has been 92% with a norm monthly return of 4.12%”.

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